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Shipping & Delivery

We ship worldwide from a warehouse in the EU. In the table below you can find our shipping costs per country or region:

DestinationStandard Shipping (1-2 Kufiyas)Standard Shipping with Tracking (1-4 Kufiyas)Parcel with Tracking (Orders including 5 or more Kufiyas)
North America10€12€25€
All other countries10€19€

Please be advised that out of the EU, you may be charged import duty and custom charges by your customs authority. 

If you are located in Palestine or occupied Palestine, please contact us prior to ordering. We deliver locally with a transport company, to which you can pay upon delivery. 

To purchase an original Palestinian Kufiya, head over to the “shop” page in the menu and select the kufiya you would like to buy and click on “Add To Cart”. When you are ready to pay, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the website and simply follow the check-out steps to enter your shipping destination and payment details.

You can pay through PayPal, credit card, debit card, or Sofort Banking. If you are located in the EU, you can make a prepayment via regular bank transfer. To do so, kindly place your order at our German partner site:

We ship with DHL World. In most countries DHL hands over the packages to the national post provider.

Tracked orders, prior to handing over by regional delivery partners, are trackable via DHL, then subsequently via the regional delivery partners tracking.

Once dispatched, delivery takes a few days within the EU, up to 10 business days to the UK/Ireland, up to 20 business days to the USA, and up to 30 days to most countries.

If you choose “Standard Shipping with Tracking” you will receive a separate email once the package is dispatched with the tracking number of your order. 

Product Information

What seem like loose threads on the edges of the kufiya pattern are a common occurance with a kufiya, but these threads are nothing to worry about.

Such threads occur because during production, the ends of the pattern are trimmed by hand by one of our artisans.

Small ends of the threads may remain, but these can be easily picked and removed, or will naturally fall off when the kufiya is washed.

The Hirbawi kufiya is made of 85% organic cotton for a natural and breathable fabric, and 15% high quality synthetic thread that is used to help maintain the durability and shape of the kufiya. 

We typically recommend hand washing a kufiya to accomodate the delicate fabric. You may also machine wash at a delicate setting. We advise using a mild detergent, and to air dry the kufiya after washing.

The kufiya is a versatile headdress suited for both cold and warm weather conditions.

It may be used as a light scarf for warmth, and can alternatively keep you cool in hot climates under direct sunlight.

The kufiya offers effective shielding against dust and fast-blowing winds, and excellent moisture-wicking properties, directing sweat and moisture away from the skin.