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Abu Dis Gold Hirbawi® KufiyaAbu Dhis Kufiya Woman and Man
Abu Dis Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The now widely popular Abu Dis (أبو ديس) is in fact, one of the few kufiyas that originated by accident. When we used the wrong yarn to produce the Al Quds (Jerusalem), instead, this charming golden Kufiya was the result. Dedicated to the ancient village, Abu Dis borders the city Jeruselam. A neighbour both geographically, and in colour.
Alquds Gold Hirbawi® KufiyaAlquds Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman
Alquds Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
A tribute to the spirit of Jerusalem, or Al Quds (القدس). The heart of hearts, and most prominent symbol of the Palestinian diaspora. Made with a light gold pattern and raw cotton base, the Al Quds kufiya is solemnly dedicated to one of the oldest and holiest cities in human existence.
Amal Pink Hirbawi® KufiyaAmal Pink Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Amal Pink Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
In the arabic language, "Amal" (أمل) means Hope. A word in which many a kindling aspiration reside. Dedicated to a woman named Amal whom originally suggested this expressive combination of colours.
Bethlehem Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaBethlehem Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Bethlehem Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The birthplace of Christianity is subject to many a carol or nativity play. Yet the story of this little town is far more complex. The gentle colours commemorate the city's vibrant streets, lined with shops selling Palestinian jewelry, olive carvings, almonds, spices, and oriental sweets such as baklawa.
Pure Black Hirbawi® KufiyaPure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Pure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT

Black pattern on a black background. A light and very elegant Kufiya that acts as the perfect companion item for any adventurous journey, or dashing outfit.

Black and White Hirbawi® KufiyaBlack and White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Black & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The most traditional black and white Kufiya or "Keffiyeh" of Palestine. This is the heaviest version of the kufiya, made for export. Traditionally worn by the rural farmer class, the iconic pattern was adopted by the rebels of the 1930s revolt against British Colonialism, and has since become the truest symbol of Palestinian revolution.
Nazareth Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaNazareth Blue Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Nazareth Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Sky blue on brown and blue denim, this kufiya befits the mountain skies of Nazareth, one of the holiest cities on earth.
Chocolate Hirbawi® KufiyaChocolate Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Hold
Chocolate Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Perfect for dark winter days, the choclate background and warm colours expresses the autumnal season, and the last harvest of the spring and summer crops.
Majdal White Hirbawi® KufiyaMajdal White Kufiya
Majdal Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
White pattern on white background framed with black tassels. A kufiya that gives a dynamic and stylish twist to any outfit. It keeps you warm in winter and protects you from sun heat in the summer.
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® KufiyaUm Suleiman Kufiya Man and Woman
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The design of this Kufiya found inspiration in the red and black beetle (Um Suleiman), which natural beauty left a big influence in Arabic culture. In paintings, and traditional and modern music (e.g. Tic Tic Um Suleiman from Fairuz) and in poetry. And we honor the beetle with an original Kufiya, made in Palestine.
Coffee Brown Hirbawi® KufiyaCoffee Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Coffee Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The colours of red berries and roasted coffee beans, commemorating the traditional Arabic Qahwa (قهوة). A refreshing accompaniment to any early morning rise, or friendly gathering. With a hint of cardamom.
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® KufiyaPalestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smiling
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
This Kufiya is in black, red and green on white background, the colors of the flag of Palestine. Palestinians wear this Kufiya to represent Palestinian unity, and activists around the world wear it in solidarity with Palestine. It is also a practical Kufiya, as you can fold it in different ways to highlight a different color each time.
Gaza Orange Hirbawi® KufiyaGaza Kufiya on Man
Gaza Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Through millenia, "Gazza Ard el-Izza” (the glorious city) has been bitterly contested; by the Pharaohs, the Persians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Crusaders, Ottomans, French, English and Israeli alike. Now at the frontline of Palestinian history, it is in Gaza that the Israeli occupation is repeatadly challenged.
Gray Hirbawi® KufiyaHirbawi Gray Grey Kufiya Woman
Gray Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
A relative of the traditional black & white kufiya, elegantly designed with dark gray squares on a light gray background.
Green and White Hirbawi® KufiyaGreen & White Kufiya Woman Smiling
Green and White Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
A traditional colour which had not been produced in Palestine anymore. We gave this kufiya a second chance, and it's become one of our best sellers. Green threading on a white pattern, its in essence the traditional Palestinian kufiya, but with an added, natural beauty.
Haifa Black Hirbawi® KufiyaHaifa Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Hold
Haifa Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Palestinians call the city of Haifa "Umm al-Gharib", meaning ‘mother of the stranger’, referring to its renowned diversity & dynamism.
Hebron Green Hirbawi® KufiyaHebron Kufiya Material
Hebron Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Our factory is located in Hebron, known as "Al-Khalil" (الخليل). This Kufiya is a homage to our ancient city and the Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (Sanctuary of Abraham) mosque, which is considered to be one of the oldest still-operating holy sites in the world. With tiled stone walls, and a decorated green ceiling, the mosque also hosts two symbolic tombs for Issac (اسحق) and his wife Rebecca (رفقة), ornated in green and gold.
Traditional Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaTraditional Blue Kufiya Man Front
Traditional Blue Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Black fisher net pattern on blue background and blue tassels. This kufiya suggests a calm and a moderate mood reminiscent of the sea and sky. A casual, yet traditional kufiya that blends in with daily outfits.
Shams Black Hirbawi® KufiyaShams Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman
Shams Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Shams (الشمس) means sun in Arabic. Palestinians have the privilege of feeling the warmth of the sun for about 3390 hours per year. Thanks to this emmaculate climate, Palestine hosted one of the earliest human civilizations.
Shami Hirbawi® KufiyaShami White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Happy
Shami Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The Shami Kufiya is predominantly worn in Syria and other Arabic countries within the levant region. However the ongoing civil war in Syria led to the destruction of most Kufiya factories present there. Today, you have the possibility to buy this very special and heavy pattern design – made in Palestine.
Safad Black Hirbawi® KufiyaSafad Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Front
Safad Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Colourful like the historically diverse city of Safad (صفد), the capital of the upper Galilee.
Red and White Hirbawi® KufiyaRed and White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Front
Red & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The traditional red and white Kufiya. An expression of the Jordanian red desert, intertwined with a pan-national arabic heritage. This is the heaviest version, made for export.
Ramallah Black Hirbawi® KufiyaRamallah Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Ramallah Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Burgundy pattern on deep black background. A kufiya full of life like the vibrant city of Ramallah (رام الله).
Rainbow Hirbawi® KufiyaRainbow Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Front Wear
Rainbow Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Our rainbow-colored original Hirbawi which has been recently featured by AramcoWorld magazine. It’s a stylish Kufiya with a strong statement. An inclusive message of all humans no matter their identity. We understand the Palestinian struggle for freedom as inseparable from the same struggle of all right-seeking people.
Mar Saba Green Hirbawi® KufiyaMar Saba Kufiya Woman and Man
Mar Saba Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Mar Saba is a monastery towards the east of Bethlehem in the desert of Jerusalem. The impressive monastery is camouflaged in the belly of the desert mountain so that bypassers would not notice it and disturb the hermit monks. This non-flashy (low-key) Kufiya as well, is made to be used in nature. A great multi-purpose companion for long hikes.
Nablus White Hirbawi® KufiyaNablus White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Wear Front
Nablus Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The elegance and wit of the Nabulsi people inspired this kufiya. Dark gray squares on light gray background.
Mediterannean Hirbawi® KufiyaMediterranean Kufiya Material
Mediterranean Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The Mediterranean sea, or "Bahar Yafa" (the sea of Yafa) as Palestinians lovingly call it, is a main component of the collective Palestinian identity. The Mediterranean is omnipresent in Palestinian popular culture. Today, most Palestinians in the West Bank are eager to visit their dear sea as they areso many are barred from visiting it.
Mar Elias KufiyaMar Elias Yellow Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Mar Elias Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Mar Elias (دير مار إلياس) is a monastery south of Jerusalem built in the 6th century. The ancient paintings in the interior were the inspiration for this blue and yellow kufiya pattern. According to legend,it was built on the spot where the prophet Elijah rested during his escape from the tyranny of Queen Jezebel.
Lavender Dark Hirbawi® KufiyaLavender Dark Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Lavender Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Multilayered lines of lavender purple, eucalyptus and silver-green as well as earth tones on a black background with black fringes. The Greek called Lavender "Nardos" after the ancient Syrian city of Naarda. Lavender blooms in the plains of Palestine during the spring season,and is distinguished by its warm purple color.
Kaubar White Hirbawi® KufiyaKaubar White Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Kaubar Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
A village on a hilltop, surrounded by olive groves. The olive green and white pattern is a tribute to the Palestinian village Kaubar (كوبر) and its eternal orchards of olive trees.
Jenin Brown Hirbawi® KufiyaJenin Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Jenin Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Symbolic of the fertile lands of Jenin. Kufiya with a caramel-brown and a beige pattern on an earthen-brown background.
Inverted Black Hirbawi® KufiyaInverted Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Inverted Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Abu Mohammad Hirbawi was searching for an old photo in a negative strip (before digital photography). He discovered a negative photo of a traditional black and white Kufiya in inverted colours. Inspiration! He immediately sat down at his machine and designed an inverted Palestinian Kufiya. Here is the result.
Tabariya Hirbawi® KufiyaTabariya Kufiya Man Serious
Tabariya Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Inspired by the biblical "Sea of Galilee", the ancient lake also known as "Buhayrat Tabariya" is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth. Accordingly the Tabariya Kufiya conveys a white fishing net on a blue and black background.
Royal Hirbawi® KufiyaRoyal Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Front
Royal Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Mustard yellow on sage, and a mix of black and yellow threads with a black lace. A majestic combination that combines well with a white outfit.
Dura Red Hirbawi® KufiyaDura Red Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Dura Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The scarlet scarf of Dura, wine-red and rich in colour, symbolic of the famous grapes and vineyards of this ancient and fertile village, it’s lasting heritage from the mists of antiquity.
Yafa Hirbawi® KufiyaYafa Kufiya Woman
Yafa Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Yafa (يافا) or "Jaffa", meaning beauty in Canaanite, is the name given to the largest city in historic Palestine, before the 1948 Nakba. With a broad view of the Mediterranean coastline, this kufiya is inspired by the gentle seaside of this great port city.
Beit Jala Hirbawi® KufiyaBeit Jala Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Beit Jala Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Colourful, modern and with a strong spirited, like the city of Beit Jala. Famous for its religious, educational and health organizations that serve the citizens of the city, and neighbouring towns.
Dheisheh Grey Hirbawi® KufiyaDheisheh Grey Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Hold
Dheisheh Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Dheisheh is one of three Palestinian refugee camps in Bethlehem. First created in 1949 to accommodate displaced Palestinians from more than 45 villages west of Jerusalem. The people of Dheisheh are very special. Despite poor living conditions, they have a very high level of education, they are resistant, resilient, and good-humored. To them, we dedicate this energetic, elegant, and vibrant design.
All White Hirbawi® KufiyaAll White Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Pose
White Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
The Shepherds scarf. The angelic, all white pattern and laces are designed to represent the traditional white headdress worn by shepherds in the Bethlehem region in the era of Classical Antiquity, and until today.
Bisan Hirbawi® KufiyaBisan Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose Chair
Bisan Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Represented in enchanting Blue and Purple, the city of Bisan (بيسان), Canaanite for “home of gods”, now annexed by Israel, resides at the junction of the Jordan River and Jezreel Valleys, and is decorated by luscious green fields, trees, rivers and waterfalls, and ruins from as far as 3000 BCE.
Jericho Hirbawi® KufiyaJericho Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Jericho Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
In dry, desert dyes of Orange and White, the city of Jericho (أريحا), an ancient place built upon an oasis by the dead sea, is known to be one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and is renowned for its plentiful plantations of flowering palm and orange trees.
Irish KufiyaSaoirse Irish Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Saoirse Irish Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
A kufiya devoted to liberty and freedom, “Saoirse” (pronounced seer-sha) in the Irish Language, dedicated to the Irish People.
Olive Wood Oasis® Prayer Beads
12 incl. VAT
A piece of Palestine in your hand. Prayer Beads (known as "Misbaha", مِسْبَحَة) are used during prayers, meditation, for stress release as well as Palestinian folklore dance (dabke) where the lead dancer twirls a string of prayer beads in one hand. Olive wood workshops in Palestine produce and sell this accessory during celebrations of Ramadan and the Christian Orthodox Easter. Read more at Olive Wood Oasis.
Beit Sahour Hirbawi Kufiya BrownBeit Sahour Man Kufiya Hirbawi
Beit Sahour Hirbawi® Kufiya
25 incl. VAT
Beit Sahour (بيت ساحور) or "house of dawn" relates to the ancient shepherds of the town who would stay up until dawn, "sahar" in Arabic, to watch over their flock. The kufiya represents the dark rich soil of the town, nestled in a valley outside Bethlehem. Christian tradition holds this small town to be the site of the Sheperds Field, the place in biblical scripture where the angels announced the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to the sheperds.