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Why Hirbawi?


Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood in Hebron, one of Palestine’s largest cities in the West Bank, the steady drumming of machinery spills out from a small, unassuming backroom shop. Here lies the Hirbawi Textile Factory. With its busy production line, day and night its local Palestinian artisans are continuously weaving authentic kufiyas, in a variety of colours and local patterns. Keeping the tradition alive, the Hirbawi Kufiya is the only Kufiya to be authentically made in Palestine.  

Yasser Hirbawi opened his historic factory in 1961. Remaining faithful to the traditional techniques, each kufiya is still designed and produced at the factory to this day. The Kufiyas are handmade using a specific cross-stitching honed to perfection over the decades. Only a handful of people still hold the generational knowledge of this time-honoured technique, which can be easily felt by the quality of the material and stitching.

The Kufiya now comes in a variety of colours and patterns that are evolving alongside Palestinian culture. Today, a wide selection of designs are available, based on historic landmarks, and elements of Palestinian culture, as well as the traditional staple Kufiya patterns that are known and loved around the world. From towns to cities, monasteries, lakes, hilltops and local vegetation, the colours of the Hirbawi Kufiya are truly inspired by Palestine.


Every Kufiya takes up to an hour to produce. Woven on two layers using vintage weaving machines, a technique developed over decades, this process involves hard work and craftsmanship. Only a handful of people able to make a true Palestinian Kufiya remain.

Not only a unique accent-piece of meticulous quality, the Hirbawi Kufiya is designed with a specific set of properties in mind.

Keeping with its agricultural heritage, the Hirbawi Kufiya keeps its wearer cool under the sun and in hot climates. It also shields against dust and fast-blowing winds. And acts as an excellent moisture-wicking fabric, directing sweat and moisture away from the skin.

Excelling in these qualities, with a flare of unique styles and designs, is what separates the Hirbawi Kufiya from the countless replicas found on the market today. Using locally treated cotton, of a specific composition with high-quality synthetic fibres, a specific fabric weight and a elaborate weaving technique, the Kufiya that rolls off the Hirbawi production line is world-renowned, and worth every penny.




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