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The Original Kufiya

Made by the Last and Only Factory in Palestine.

The Original Kufiya

Made by the Last and Only Factory in Palestine.

A Collaboration with Olive Wood Oasis, limited availablility for Ramadan & Easter.

Olive Wood Oasis® Prayer Beads
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A piece of Palestine in your hand. Prayer Beads (known as "Misbaha", مِسْبَحَة) are used during prayers, meditation,...
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Millions around the world own a "Palestinian" Kufiya,
but how many of these scarves were really made in Palestine?

Handmade by the last standing factory in Palestine.

The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as Kufiya, Keffiyeh, or Hatta. The iconic shawl is the unofficial Palestinian flag and carries deep meaning for Palestinians in Palestine and the diaspora.

Unfortunately, local manufacturing has all but vanished. Most Kufiyas sold around the world are imitations produced outside of Palestine.

Today, only one factory remains in Palestine. The Hirbawi family in Hebron continues to weave the only authentic Kufiya produced locally.

At Hirbawi, our mission is to reverse the current trend and revive the local traditional production of this symbolic garment. 

We offer you the unique opportunity to purchase original Kufiya delivered to your home, worldwide.


From Palestine. For Palestine.

The Hirbawi factory under the domain of KUFIYA.ORG offers a range of authentic Palestinian Kufiyas, made in Hebron, Palestine. We believe, that perpetuating and trading a made-in-Palestine Kufiya is a step forward towards the self-determination of the Palestinian people and the preservation of the Palestinian cultural identity against the trend of cultural theft.


The Hirbawi Family

Now threatened by the detrimental situation at home, the Hirbawi family runs the last remaining Kufiya factory in Palestine. Each Kufiya scarf is handcrafted using a special double-layer weaving technique. Only a handful of people still know these time-honored techniques that are honed over generations.

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