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We're Creating A New Logo

We're Creating A New Logo for HIRBAWI®

And we're calling on our community to help. Share your design idea, and we may turn it into our New Logo!

The Hirbawi Factory is the last standing factory in Palestine producing the Palestinian Kufiya / Keffiyeh, and we rely almost entirely on an international community that given us so much support over the last 10 years.

We have been thinking about designing a logo for some time, however we would like to instead reach out to you, our community, and ask you if you would like to participate in helping build our brand. 

Marking the 60th Anniversary of our Kufiya Factory (since 1961),
we have decided to call on all Artists/Designers… Join us in designing our new logo, and starting a new journey for Hirbawi!

Upload your logo idea here, or send it to [email protected] by December 1st 2021, 12pm (GMT)
Your Logo Submissions Are Being Reviewed!

All you have to do is send us a sketch/drawing of a logo idea you have in mind!

See some requirements below:

The new logo will be present on:

  • Hirbawi Social Media
  • Hirbawi Website
  • The Product Tag of every single Hirbawi Kufiya!

Criteria and requirements!

  1. Can be Text Logo or Emblem
  2. Include the name ‘Hirbawi’ (In English & Arabic)
  3. Incorporate Pattern of the Original Black and White Kufiya
  4. Include the subheading: “Made in Palestine”

Please submit your ideas the latest by December 1st 2021, 12pm (GMT)

Please refer to www.hirbawi.ps or kufiya.org for inspiration and history of the factory.

Help us protect Palestinian culture and the symbol of our national heritage, through the design of our new logo. We will be posting many of our favourite submissions on our Instagram @Hirbawi

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Logo. Reviewed by Palestinian Painter Sliman Mansour.

For the design of the new Hirbawi Logo, we will be partnering with one of the most distinguished artists in Palestine – Suleiman (Sliman) Mansour.

If you have paid any attention to Palestinian art at all, then you would have come across one Sliman Mansour’s iconic paintings and his unique artistic style. A master in capturing the essence of Palestinian heritage and expressing resistance through art; having Sliman Mansour also take part in the process of crafting the new Hirbawi brand identity, gives us so much pride and hope.

After speaking with Mr Mansour, he agreed that he would assist us in supervising the design of our new logo, by advising us in choosing the right design for Hirbawi. Consider him our wise and experienced guide.

@sliman.mansour on Instagram

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