Hirbawi - The Only Original Kufiya Made in Palestine

Millions around the world own a Palestinian Kufiya, but how many of these scarves were really made in Palestine?

The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as Kufiya, Keffiyeh or Hatta. Ironically, the manufacturing of the symbol of the Palestinian struggle for freedom is vanishing. Most Kufiya sold around the world and even in Palestine are produced in China. One single Kufiya factory persists to keep the traditional craft above the ground and produces the only original Kufiya - made in Palestine.

Kufiya.org joins the effort of the remaining factory in keeping the production of the traditional scarves in Palestine. By trading them we aim to change the actual tendency of aiding what has already been ceased. 


We offer you the unique opportunity to purchase original Kufiya delivered to your home, worldwide.

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